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Claims Compliance Plus – helping businesses provide access to justice

Providing compliance advice and assistance to firms across the claims industry including:

Assistance with FCA re-authorisation.
Solicitors Regulation Authority applications for authorisation as a licenced body (ABS).

Targeted bespoke services designed to improve claims quality and increase success rates at every stage of the claims process.

Precedent setting – identifying key issues and drafting review applications to Ombudsman services to provide best possible success at both adjudicator and Ombudsman decision stages with the aim of setting favourable precedents. A well selected precedent case can open a path to achieving success with future similar claims.


We engaged Steve to complete a quality control / claim process audit.  This involved him reviewing:

  • Current data inputs
  • Structure / type of questions to customers
  • Identification of suitable FCA DISP rule breaches
  • Claim letter composition and points

He delivered a comprehensive review with excellent observations and most importantly some very useful recommendations that have already shown positive results.

We found Steve to be prompt and reliable in communications and delivery of work and very knowledgeable and as a consequence would highly recommend him. 

Nick Stocks Director TMS Legal Limited