Senior Managers and Certification Regime

For those businesses that are authorised by 9 December 2019, applications for approval of senior manager must be made by 9 December 2019. Assistance can be provided with the application process including help with drafting the statement of responsibilities.

By 9 December 2019 firms will also need to have identified staff members performing certification functions within the business. Firms will then have a year to carry out assessments as to whether these members of staff are ‘fit and proper’ to carry out their function and issue them with a certificate. The assessments will then require to be carried out on an annual basis. Assistance can be provided in identifying which members of staff are conducting certification functions and with the setting up of the assessment process.

The regime also requires that within a year most members of staff are provided with adequate training in the conduct rules. We offer bespoke in-house training sessions that will fulfil this requirement.