Root Cause Analysis

These courses are primarily for businesses that have less than 70% success rate for any particular claim type.

The purpose of this package is to identify the causes for claims of a common claim type being rejected; and to suggest improvements to claims processing procedures and documentation aimed at improving success rates.

The package includes:

  • 10 hours attendance at your office to carry out detailed analysis of your last 50 rejected cases within a particular claim type, this includes: consideration of all information obtained to support the claim, complaint letter and supporting document, FRL, all documentation sent to FOS, adjudicators decision (and if relevant, ombudsman decision).
  • Following attendance at your offices a report will be provided setting out a summary of the analysis conducted, conclusions and recommendation.
  • Following completion of the report a 1 hour telephone conference to discuss the contents of the report and to address any issues you may have.

Fixed Fee £3500 excluding VAT.