SRA Authorisation

Businesses who provide or are considering providing services in relation to complex financial claims may wish to consider an application for licensed body (alternative business structure) authorisation with the SRA. A key advantage would be the ability to offer a litigation service to clients, avoiding the need to refer clients to external solicitors where the circumstances of the claim are such that the best advice to a client is to pursue a litigation route.

The type of assistance we can offer includes:

Assistance with obtaining a Professional Indemnity Insurance quote – this is a quite complex process requiring the provision of detailed information including a business plan and cashflow forecasts to the broker.

Assistance with the SRA application.

Assistance with drafting a template conditional fee agreement in order that base costs can be recovered from the respondent in successful cases.

Advice and assistance in adaption of your systems and draft template and semi-template documentation for use in litigation cases.

Litigation training for managers and staff.

Advice and assistance in adapting compliance policies and procedures in order to meet SRA requirements.


Price Guide

Dependent on the scope of the work required. A free telephone consultation of up to an hour in order to obtain an understanding of your needs. A fixed price quote will be given based on an estimate of the time that will be required to complete the work at a charge rate of £2,000 per day (8 hours).